Presetter machine software update


  • Before download the upgrade file, verify the BIOS version installed when turn on the presetter machine
SW Larth
  • Click the buttons below to download the Larth presetter machines latest software version for free: if the BIOS version is V1.xx, download the V1.92 - 08/03/2017 OMNIVISION upgrade or if the BIOS version is V2.xx, download the V2.02 - 08/03/2017 APTINA upgrade
  • ATTENTION: It's necessary to authenticate yourself with User Name and Password. If you are not registered yet, fill in the form by clicking on "Register" button
  • If you have lost the registration datas, send an e-mail to "" to receive the new credentials
  • Extract the "larth_fw_v192.bios" file and check its size and date (3.319Kb - 08/03/2017) or the "larth_fw_v202.bios" file and check its size and date (3.328Kb - 08/03/2017)
  • Upgrade using the DPP software provided on the CD ROM with the machine
  • Follow the instructions in paragraph 5.10 of the operating and maintenance manual, also available on the CD ROM
  • N.B. : Both software versions are the same, the first one (V2.02) is for the presetter machines equipped with the APTINA image camera sensor, the other one (V1.92) is for the OMNIVISION image camera sensor. If you install the "wrong" version, the camera will not work and the visualized image will be always black. Repeat the BIOS upgrade with the other version.

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