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The BIOS updating is a very delicate operation that requires the presence of skilled operators as a matter of PC procedures. If wrongly or not completely carried out, the required operations could damage the preset. In the case these operations have negative result, please repeat this procedure starting from the beginning, by a manual selection of the communication port; then set the heading “ONLY UPDATING”.

The BIOS updating may require to delete the digital read-out memory content: machines, tools sets, configuration parameters. Take the necessary precautions by noting the parameters and by saving the tools sets. (see par. 10.9 of the Instructions Manual).
Updating your preset software (BIOS) means to have always available the most tested and reliable version.

In order to run the updating, it is necessary to link the Preset to the PC by using a “Laplink “ standard serial cable, bought or built following the instructions that will appear on the screen during the updating programme execution.
  • First of all, please check which software version is installed on your presetter machine: it appears on the screen for about 3 seconds at the machine starting (see figure):
Versione SW
  • Click the "Bios.exe" button to download the E238 Lyra presetter machine latest software version for free and install the file on your PC connected to the presetter machine
  • Afterwards, download and install the presetter machine software version by choosing the right languages
  • ATTENTION: It's necessary to authenticate yourself with User Name and Password. If you are not registered yet, fill in the form by clicking on "Register" button
  • If you have lost the registration datas, send an e-mail to "" to receive the new credentials

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