TP32 Tool Management Identification System

A mechanics company manages tools, spare parts, inserts, etc. in quantities exceeding the effective requirements, this is due to the lack of a centralized control system.

The necessity to manage these resources is born of the need to:
- reduce production costs
- optimize the supply system of material avoiding unnecessary waste
- understanding at every moment the actual situation of the resources available
- properly organize the productive cycle

TP 32 is a program dedicated to the management of the tool repository woven in as a fundamental component of the productive cycle and as such inserted in a system in which information must be accessible to people and presented in a simplest manner.
Through TP32 is possible to have the situation of the repository/stock under control both as a management of the composition of the individual components. In this way you will have all the necessary information for the production (component availability, assembly verification, etc.) that for the administration (stock values, replenishments of suppliers, etc.).

- Elimination of machine down-time
- Reduction of financial costs
- Reduction of machine shop rejection

- Machine load/unload management
- Machine configuration
- Tool table management
- Tool list importation
- Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetter machine interface
- Tool stock management: tool assembly stock, drawings, barcodes management, stock, import data from electronic catalogues

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