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ELBO CONTROLLI s.r.l. was established in 1983 by a group of technicians who had acquired, in several companies, a great deal of experience in the numarical Controls planning and applications.

The exchange of knowledge and experience, together with the continuous research and development, has allowed the Company, in only a few years, to grow and make itself well know.

Nowdays ELBO CONTROLLI is one of the most esteemed manufacturing Companies of electronic equipment for machine tools at a high nation and international level: tool presetting machines and digital read-outs. ELBO CONTROLLI s.r.l. is an engineering Company which studies and designed its products. For this reason ELBO CONTROLLI is divided into 4 departments: MECHANICAL, ELECTRONICAL, OPTICAL, SOFTWARE.
The success and the technology of our products are the results of all 4 departments cooperating and growing together.
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Elbo Controlli’s photos
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Via S.Giorgio, 21
20821 Meda (MB)

Tel.: +39 0362 34 27 45
Fax.: +39 0362 34 27 41
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